Mark Matan

Principal, Matan Companies

It is truly inspiring to see the impact Operation Second Chance is making in the lives of our wounded veterans and their families.  We at Matan are honored to open our doors and our hearts to such a tremendous organization.

Operation Second Chance has served as a primary community partner of Comcast SportsNet for a number of years. The organization does tremendous work for wounded veterans and their families, truly making a difference at a level rarely experienced in the community. It has been an honor to be a part of their mission and work closely with their people.

Therese and I have been supporting Operation Second Chance since 2007 after a good friend of our oldest son’s was severely injured by an IED in Iraq.  Our eldest son is a “bomb tech” that has been deployed to Afghanistan and had other friends severely injured by IED’s in that war.  We know from our experience that these devastating injuries take years and years of  rehabilitation and support well beyond the support provided by our government.


Cindy’s team at Operation Second Chance picks up where the government leaves off.  OSC’s efforts are crucial in the rehabilitation process, supporting the service members families, facilitating the families presence with their injured loved ones need them the most.


I cannot even begin to describe that critical needs that OSC delivers. Our entire family has become involved in supporting both Ride Allegheny and Operation Second Chance, we are blessed to be able to support such a worthy cause.

The continued support Operation Second Chance provides to veterans and their families is awe-inspiring, specifically considering the range of services they provide. We are proud to work with an organization who is not only shaping the lives of these wounded, injured, and ill veterans, but is also providing the local community with resources to be able to support the families as well.

It’s been a pleasure to be part of Operation Second Chance from the beginning and seeing Cindy’s passion and dedication materialize into an organization that makes a material difference in the lives of our wounded veterans and their families.   That fact that my family and our extended brother and sisterhood of OSC fundraisers have fun in meaningful way despite the day job is the least we can do to help our heroes move on.    

I have the memory of first meeting Cindy permanently etched in my mind. She brought four wounded soldiers to a business dinner 7 or 8 years ago and each soldier stood up and told their story of the heart wrenching and horrific injuries sustained during the war. Each one then proceeded to tell us that they will be just fine – that they still love their country and what it stood for. They also mentioned how critically important it was to have an organization like Operation Second Chance to help them through the toughest period of their life – that Cindy has truly been a God-send for them and their families.