Aug. 31 to Sept 1 Ft. Worth to Weatherford, TX – 38 Miles

Aug. 31 to Sept 1 Ft. Worth to Weatherford, TX – 38 Miles

I had a short ride down to Weatherford, TX, out of Ft Worth. I drove through some heavy rain. It was nice to arrive early at Cowtown RV Park. After I got set up I crashed and slept for two hours.

It rained heavy most of the afternoon. It was cooler after the rain, so I sat outside in the evening it wasn’t long before I had a number of Veterans come by.

I stayed at Hooves and Wheels RV Park south of Weatherford, TX. Rode Smiley downtown and got some water and few items that I needed and I was ready to get back, as I was starting to get into heavy traffic and I did not feel comfortable. I felt like a small fly running besides trucks and RV’s. I ran on the shoulder most of the way.

Sept 1st       Weatherford to Meridian, TX      62 miles

Left my camp site in Weatherford 7:30 am and headed south on route 51 then picked up route 144 south. I was surprised at the amount of rolling hills I encountered on the way down. I even needed to shift in 5th a few times. Had good road and not much traffic, it was nice traveling.

I had pulled off for a break and I got a phone call from Cowtown RV Park where I stayed last night. The lady at the desk said, “After reviewing your flyer you left with us, I got on your website and just realized who you are. We have been seen you on news this summer off and on and I want you to know we just put a credit back on your credit card, for what you paid for last night.” Its a big camp site and she asked if I was still there because they wanted to take pictures of me and Johnabilt. She said, “You are famous!” By now I was feeling uncomfortable. She thanked us for our mission and apologized again for charging me. Thank You Cowtown RV Park.

I am slowing my pace again because my Meet and Greet isn’t till Wednesday and they expect me to arrive Tuesday afternoon in Crawford, TX.

When I arrived in Meridian, TX, and stopped for gas a lady came by and said, “As I was walking out of church I heard a popping Johnny, I looked up and here you went by and I was so excited. I use to drive one on my Grandfather’s farm. I knew what I was hearing.”

Before I was finished another elder lady came by wanted to know what we were all about and I shared our mission but she soon informed me she is already giving to another organization.

I shared some more about our organization and she walked away, but before I was ready to leave, here she comes back and hands me a nice donation and said I am planning to look into your organization a little more and Thank You what you are doing.”

Trying to rest up. Think I was getting burnt out from traffic, heat and trying to make the events on time.

Here of late, my routine is getting to my camp site and head to bed for a hour, get up and eat dinner. Head outside and work on usual maintenance on Johnabilt, check oil, pump some air in camper tires. Then I will set outside for a hour if it’s not too hot, and head to bed around 7:30pm.

When I wake up at 6 am I feel refreshed and ready to tackle another day!