August 10 Syracuse, KA, to Boise, OK  – 112 Miles

August 10 Syracuse, KA, to Boise, OK – 112 Miles

Aug 9th    Maintenance on rig at campsite

Today was set aside to catch up and clean. I washed the floors of the camper, cleaned the inside of Johnabilt and spent some time resting and getting ready to putt further south tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that the other day, coming from Colorado Springs, a State Trooper passed me and as he came up beside me he put his lights on and then turned them on and off as he went by. Some time went by and here he comes back through and once again turned his lights on. This time he was also waving as he went by. That made my whole day. I felt like he appreciated me being there as much as I appreciate him.

Aug 10th

Today we have been on the road 3 months. I left Syracuse at day break planning again on a shorter day, but when I arrived in Elkhart, KS, I had no GPS or no cell service, and had no idea where my camp ground was. I realized then, how much I depend on my GPS.

So I drove in through town and stopped along the street. A car came up with two ladies in it. I asked them if there is a camp ground in town and they said to follow them. So I did, but I still didn’t have cell service and when I saw the campsite, I was not wild about the site. It was only 1 pm, so I decided to putt on down to Boise City, OK. When I first arrived I didn’t have service, but after a while I did, so I am planning on staying here two days.

The scenery today was mostly farm and grassland. So far, Kansas and Montana have the nicest roads. Today coming down route 27, it was smooth and was nice to travel on, but I did have a few rough roads in the afternoon.

Had to do my photo op at the OK State line!