August 29-30 Ft. Worth, TX

August 29-30 Ft. Worth, TX

Aug. 29

I had a good night’s rest and wasn’t in any hurry leaving, since our event at Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que didn’t start until 6pm.

Steve Whitlock met up with me and followed me on his bicycle. It was very helpful, especially as I got into heavy traffic and he knew the area. Steve stopped cars so I could turn left. My GPS went haywire for a bit, so having him there, sure helped.

We stopped at a car wash to clean some of the oil off underneath Johnabilt and Cindy and Jeremy met up with us there. Cindy rode with me in Johnabilt for a number of miles to Fort Worth Old Stock Yards.

I had a number of Veterans stop along the road and salute me as I went by. It’s an honor and so encouraging to see. We arrived at Cooper’s and decided to take a photo op, so we drove around the block. I wanted to get a photo of Johnabilt under The Old Stockyard Sign.

We had a wonderful event. Myers Jackson did an excellent job finding items and a lot of work making the auction successful. Thank You Myers.

They had me plug into 110 for my camper at Cooper’s and I was planning on staying in the camper overnight, but the breakers kept blowing out. It was a very hot 103 degrees, so I stayed at a hotel for the night so I would be able to get some rest.

It was great seeing Ryan Benkart (a good friend from Sarasota). Ryan and his family moved to Texas a few years ago. He brought his son Connor down to see Johnabilt. It was great seeing Ryan and Connor again.

Aug 30th

It was great Cindy McGrew, President of OSC and Jeremy Jackson. They came out for couple days and I felt like family came to see me. It was encouraging having them there to help with the event and support.

Last night Myers asked me to come along to Roll Call at a church was having a lunch for 300 Veterans. It was an honor to be invited and able to attend with such Heroes all around me.

We figured out where the Church was, and it was on my route south towards Weaterford, TX, so I was glad I was able to attend. I headed south after the meeting to a campground halfway between FT Worth and Waterford. Soon after I left it started raining heavy I think this is the first time I ran in rain in two months.