August 3 Last Day at Pike’s Peak RV

August 3 Last Day at Pike’s Peak RV

Last evening I decided to ride Smiley out to the store for some supplies. But when I jumped on Smiley and turned the key, she was dead. The battery was good, but when I turned the key none of my gauges came on. Oh no!

First Johnabilt and now Smiley! It was strange because I rode her all day through the Garden of the Gods and didn’t have any problems. I worked on her and took the covers off thinking it might be the switch but didn’t get to far, because Rich and Shannon Schur were coming down to have breakfast with me. Bryce and Georganne Elemond are planning on coming down from Denver. These are all my Auctioneer friends from Colorado.  Four Colorado Auctioneers stepping up to help a fellow Auctioneer in need! I sure feel the love from my NAA Auctioneers. Thank You!

I talked to Bryce and he said he will bring his truck and we’ll load Smiley up and find a place to get it running. He called a few of his friends. Cassey is also an Auctioneer and is coming to help lift Smiley up on his truck.

Rich just had shoulder surgery, Bryce just got back from the VA with shoulder problems and I have shoulder problems. Not really sure what’s up with these Auctioneers all having shoulder problems.

We had a nice breakfast with Rich and Shannon, Bryce and wife plus another auctioneer friend of Cassey and couple more friends arrived and they all lifted Smiley on the truck. Now we just need to find a place that was open.

We called a number of places and either they were closed or didn’t work on foreign scooters.

We found one, but it didn’t have a phone number and we decided to track them down, so we drove 45 minutes and of course the business is closed. While we were driving I got a phone call from a business I left a message with  earlier. I explained what I was doing and the problem and asked if he couldn’t take a look at it. He said to bring it over and when we arrived he came out with his tester and said it sounds to me like a main fuse is blown and that there should be one under the battery which I never knew.

Sure enough that’s all it was!  Jim Cook is a Veteran and said thank you for you mission, no charge! He is the owner of VINTAGE MOTORCYCLE REPAIR!

It was another answer to prayers. I was so relieved just knowing I have Smiley if I need back up. I know I will sleep better tonight.

We came back to the campsite and asked a couple of gentlemen to help lift Smiley off.

Smiley is on her perch and ready to head out early in the morning. We hope to be on the road by 6 am to avoid traffic through Colorado Springs.

I can’t thank my Auctioneer friends enough for stepping up in a time of need. Thank You Bryce and Georganne Elemond for all the driving you did finding us a repair man who was willing to step up and help me on a Saturday afternoon and also for lunch on the way back. You are great friends!