August 4 Pike’s Peak RV to Kit Carlson – 118 Miles

August 4 Pike’s Peak RV to Kit Carlson – 118 Miles

I got up at 4 am and left the campsite at 5:45 am.  I wanted to get a head start through Colorado Springs before all the tourists woke up and hit the road. I came through the city and before I turned east on Route 94, I stopped for fuel and I soon had people all around me, including Gary who helped me get Johnabilt on the road again. He knew where I would be stopping for gas, so he called his friends and told them, they’re going to want to see this! It was nice seeing Gary again.

We said our good byes and I was on my way on route 94 east. I knew that I had 52 miles to Punkin Center, CO, where I was thinking of getting a campground for the night. I was looking forward to shorter day. It was rolling hills and baron landscape.

When I arrived in Punkin Center, all that was in the town was 2 homes and a construction site. No campsite. No gas station to fill up. It was a good thing to know that I had gas in my spare tank. There was nothing I could do, but putt on further east. The closest campground and town was Kit Carlson, CO. Wow! I tried to comfort myself knowing its going to be a long and tiring day. Turned on some music and resolved, that it was going to be a long day.

Today I had camper tire issues. I had to stop about every 20 miles and add air to the back camper tire.

I was 10 miles outside of town where I will be getting off of 94, and going south on route 278. There was a large parking lot, so I pulled in because I needed to pump gas up to Johnabilt, or I was not going to be able to make into Kit Carlson. While I was there, a semi-truck pulled in and the guy said he couldn’t help it, he had to pull in and see what this was all about. We spent some time chatting and he said that he really appreciates what we are doing. He said, “We just lost my kid brother, to suicide.” My heart went out to him. Before he left, he gave a nice donation. We’ll keep his family in our prayers.

I finally putted in to Kit Carson at 5:30 pm and found the campsite. It’s not much of a town, but I was sure glad to see a restaurant at the edge of town. I hadn’t eaten all day and was getting hungry and so I stopped in for something to eat.

After I set up, I checked my mileage. 118 miles today meant 11 ½  hours in the cab. That is too long for my bones! I need to call ahead and make sure these campsites are still open in these small towns.

I wasn’t more than set up and a truck pulled in with four gentleman. They jumped out and said, “Man this has been all over Facebook out here! We never thought I would get to see this rig in person.” They were all fireman and were glad to give their names and phone numbers for our book.

It wasn’t long and another car pulled in, saying more of the same; “Man we have been hearing about this on the news and all over Facebook. We never thought we would get to see it in person.”

Now I am ready for a hot shower and bed.