August 6th Kit Carson to Tribune, KA – 83 Miles

August 6th Kit Carson to Tribune, KA – 83 Miles

Left Kit Carlson, CO, and headed east on route 40. My plan was to stop in Cheyenne Wells, at a tire center to get a new tire put on the camper. Andy and his wife stopped in last night to see the rig and when I told him where I am stopping for a new tire he said there is a John Deere dealer right beside the tire shop and he invited me to stop in for a meet and greet.

It was a rough road getting there, and I had to keep the rig at 11 miles an hour. Once I arrived, I stopped in at the John Deere dealership and the whole shop and store emptied out. They heard I needed a tire and they gave enough donations to get a new one put on! I thanked them and was on my way, it got hot and I turned the air conditioner on but it kept turning off.

Next I pulled over to the tire shop and forgot there was another tire that wasn’t in very good shape so I replaced both of them while I was there.

After getting the tires replaced, I headed south on route 385 and then west on 96 to Tribune, KA, where I stopped to take some photos.

I was glad to get to the campsite, because it was 98 degrees outside and 99 degrees in the cab. I knew what my next project will be!