August 7th & 8th Tribune, KA, to Syracuse, KA 34 Miles

August 7th & 8th Tribune, KA, to Syracuse, KA 34 Miles

I knew I had a project that I needed to tackle today and it was hot already. I had to crawl in the cab and work on the air conditioner. First of all, I washed the whole rig and I plan to clean the later. My goal was to get the A/C working!

First called the company, and told them what the problem was and they asked if I could tell if any air is coming out of the exhaust outlet. I checked underneath and no hot air  was coming out and that’s why it kept shutting down.

They mentioned they might have to send me another exhaust fan motor. You would think that because it was brand new, and came straight from the factory that it would work!

I called Ron Burkholder who installed it at Earl R. Martin Inc.’s shop to see how I could get it out. Ron did a great job of setting it up under the dash and I still can’t understand how he was able to get it underneath the dash so nice, since it’s a tight fit. First I had to remove the steering wheel so I could set in there. It got so hot in that cab, that I would work a while then crawl in the camper to cool off.

After taking the shields off so I could get into the fan motor, it wasn’t long before I found the problem. The one wire to the fan motor was pinched from the factory. We had tried it after we installed the unit but it looked like there were only two little strands of wires connected. With all the vibration, the other one broke since it was pinched together.

The best news is the air conditioner is working! I still have wires to tie up but I will do that on a cooler day. What a day but it sure feels good to have air conditioning again!

Aug 8th   Tribune, KA to Syracuse, KA

I wasn’t in a hurry to leave this morning since I had a shorter day and I was looking forward to be able to rest later and get caught up on my blogs and finishing up the air conditioner.

I arrived in Syracuse close to noon and parked in my campsite. I went back to bed and I must have slept 3 hours! I guess the heat really got to me yesterday. It was great getting some rest!

Coming south on route 27 this morning was very pleasant. The road conditions was smooth and I had nice traveling through farming country.

We had a heavy rain storm last night and it cooled things down. It was a pleasant drive with temps only in the low 70’s.

I rode Smiley into town and got some lunch. I was planning on going back for few items, but I think I will let my cleaning go and rest up, and put my work off until tomorrow.

I need to recoup!

All is well.