Camper Comes Home

Today was another exciting day. I got up early, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed down towards Phil’s to pick up the camper. It took me 2 hours to go 45 miles with all the work traffic.

I think the camper turned out beautifully. With all the new lettering, it’s almost all ready for trip number 3. Our sponsors logos will be added next and then we’re off!

I left Legacy Sign Shop and headed to Stoltzfus RV . Camper was due for its State Inspection. I was anxious to see how the brake linings were, since those brakes are very important to me. Johnabilt along can’t hold back 12,000 pounds (6 tons). I am told, they weren’t worn down that much because I’m only going 15 miles an hour.

From there I came up and stopped in at Outdoor Power in Honey Brook owned by Steve and Wilma Kosher. As you know Steve is one of the Waterloo Boys and is my person I go to when I have Mechanical questions on Johnabilt. Steve wanted to see if the Generator is working. We put in clean gas and it start right up! We also replaced the gas hose that I use to pump gas up to Johnabilt from the spare tank.

Camper is ready to start packing and then we’ll put Smiley up on his perch. Everyone is getting so excited.

Next week I want to start doing some runs around the area up and down hills and get Johnabilt in shape for his long run. After all you don’t ask a bicyclist to leave on a trip without getting in shape.