Great Team effort

There are times like today I wish the whole team could be riding along with me. You never know what to expect.

Today I stopped for gas outside of El Paso, IL, and in no time there were a number of people coming up to me and thanking me for what we are doing. One lady kept saying OSC is doing a great job we saw us on Fox and Friends and keeps seeing us on TV.

Everyone said they have been seeing us on the news and they all say how excited they are to see us. They never dreamt they would actually see the whole rig in person. They were so excited when they saw me come down the road and turn in the gas station.

Yesterday the same gentleman came up to me twice in Leroy, and said, “Wow wait till I tell my wife I saw it for real! We have been watching you on TV you guys are doing a great work keep it up.”

Vanessa and Evan you are doing a great job on social media and so many others are working hard behind the scenes, that don’t get the credit like they should.

People have no idea how hard Andrew and Cindy work to keep the machine oiled and running. It takes a team effort and you guys are hitting it out of the park.