July 11 Billings to Red Lodge, MT – 50 miles

July 11 Billings to Red Lodge, MT – 50 miles

I putted out of Billings, MT, this morning around 7 am and received a call from the Billings Gazette. They want to come out and film or take videos as I am putting down the road. They said no worries we will catch up to you or text you when we are on the way.

As I was heading down route 212, I had been on the road for an hour and decided to pull off and take a break, and also call the news and tell them I am now heading south where route 310 and 212 split heading towards Roberts, WY. While I was a sitting there a Police Officer walked up to me. Deputy Crocket tells me I will be escorting you to Roberts and then again Saturday morning to Red Lodge, and I will make sure you are protected and that traffic slows down. Thank You Deputy Crocket! I later found out that Deputy Crocket is one of OSC’s very own Veterans! He went out to Red Lodge to an OSC retreat and loved it so much, that he moved out here!

I was honored and I informed him that the Billings Gazette will be coming along some time and will want to get some pictures. They interviewed me last night and today they want to take pictures on the road.

As we were putting along, it wasn’t long before I saw the news people pass me and set up ahead of us. They did that a few times and then texted me we got the photos we needed.

Deputy Crocket had so much patience while following me for 50 miles at 15 MPH. I really respect our Police Officers. I know our Team does as well.

I had a campground in mind in Roberts, MT, about 13 miles north of Red Lodge, and was planning to stay there two nights and then putt into Red Lodge Saturday morning. That’s when they are expecting me in Red Lodge.

I pulled off at one point to rest Johnabilt and take a break and chat with the officer. When we went to pulled out again, Deputy Crocket pulled out to stop the traffic and when I went to start Johnabilt he missed and groaned. I quickly jumped out adjusted the carburetor and thought at the same time, that I must be getting in higher elevation. We putted down to the camp grounds and the gate was locked. We found out it is a private campground and I would not be staying here tonight.  Officer Crocket got on the phone and made a few calls and said there is a KOA down another 3 miles so he escorted me there and they were all standing outside when I pull in. Thank You again Deputy Crocket!

I took a nap and decided to ride Smiley into Red Lodge, since it was only 4 miles down the road. When I came back I washed Johnabilt, and Jason from Operation Second Chance stopped by he is my point man with OSC while I am in Red Lodge. I’m feeling the love.

This afternoon I changed plugs in Johnabilt and adjusted the clutch. I called Steve Koser and we talked about the elevation I will be around 5,500 to 6,000 FT above sea level the whole way to Cheyenne, WY. We have this marking on the carburetor adjustment when we started it was 6 o’clock. I had it at 7 o’clock when I was around 3000 FT and we both agreed we better set it around 8 o’clock. So you might hear me talk about it some more on the trip where my adjustment is on my carburetor on the different elevations.

This evening I got a chance to wash Johnabilt and I’m hoping to wash the camper tomorrow, so it will be clean for Saturday. I’ll be setting up on main street and I am looking forward sharing our mission.

I love the picture with the horses in the meadow standing by a metal statue of a horse and cowboy.

A couple came by last night while I was relaxing out at the picnic table and said, “So glad we found you.” Our relatives own the campground in Lame Deere and said you got to see this. I think he will be in Red Lodge, MT this weekend.” They were staying at a campground south of Red Lodge and decided to check every camp ground around Red Lodge until they found me.

They said, “We were driving along and saw a sign for a bar up ahead and my husband said, I think we will see a green tractor in there.” I wasn’t there, but was happy to see that they tracked me down at the KOA campground.  I loved chatting with them.