July 12 at KOA Campground North of Red Lodge, MT

July 12 at KOA Campground North of Red Lodge, MT

I got up this morning and finished washing the camper before any neighbors woke up and then I cleaned the inside and washed my floors. Now I am ready for another two weeks.

I rode Smiley up to town and had lunch. I parked Smiley among the other Harley’s. He was quite happy or is it a she? Smiley is becoming a real biker, he even gets waves from bikers.

As I was leaving the side walk, two bikers walked by and turned around.  I heard one of them say PA. “He rode that from PA!” I don’t know what he meant about THAT.

I was disappointed, I had to move because I had no electric or water. I can’t complain, just glad I have a safe place to stay. Tomorrow night I  will have full service again. I started my generator wanting to cool the camper down before I shut it off. It makes a lot of noise but the breaker keeps going off. I’m not sure what the problem is. I thought we had it solved with the new air conditioner.

I rode Smiley out route 308 east of town, that is the route I will be leaving next Thursday and wow, quite a hill to climb up over but no problem will crawl up over in 4th gear with a 7% down hill grade, one mile at a time.

Looking forward to tomorrow. My Police escort will be here at 9:30 and will bring into town in grandiose style!