July 13 Red Lodge, MT

July 13 Red Lodge, MT

Deputy Crocket, Deputy Thompson and Officer Stuber met me this morning at the KOA campsite, just north of Red Lodge and escorted me to where I will be set up at the Antique Mall. It was a great place to set up my table and talk about Operation Second Chance. I had lots of people come by; tourists as well as local folks.

Mayor William Larson came by and presented me with a Citizen of the Day Award. I was so Honored.

I had a great time meeting a lot of folks from around the country. So many said we saw you on Fox & Friends, or we passed you in a state you were traveling through. Two different folks were from FL and want to come see me arrive in Sarasota, FL. What a small world it is!

A Veteran by the name of Charlie, gave me a special knife. He is supplying the chicken and BBQ Monday evening at our Meet and Greet at the Elk Lodge. Everyone says he has his own recipe and will not give it to anyone. I am told it’s the best chicken you will ever eat. Humm wonder if he would give it to me? Lol

Bob and his wife took me out for lunch and around 4:30 they called Deputy Crocket, who escorted me to my camp site up at Perry RV Park 3 miles south of Red Lodge.

I failed to mention yesterday that when Deputy Crocket escorted me from Billings to south of Roberts, MT, we stopped on a turnout to take a break and adjust my carburetor while lots of cars passed by. Someone came to me that evening at the campsite and said, ”I saw a police officer pulled you over along route 212”, and with a grin “did he pull you over for speeding?”  I chuckled and said no actually he escorted me 50 miles.

Jason Burr mentioned to me that tomorrow morning he will come me pick up at 7 am and take me up to Bear Tooth Pass. I am excited was hoping to see the pass that everyone talks so much about.