July 16 & 17 Hanging Out At Red Lodge, MT

July 16 & 17 Hanging Out At Red Lodge, MT

July 16th

I putted up to town to meet Tim Sanders, before we set up we ran some errands. Once we set up in the afternoon we only had our stand up an hour and a rain storm came through.

Tim has been so helpful and he was so gracious coming out from his busy schedule back east and helping me for two days.

Late in the day I brought my rig back to the campground and rode Smiley up to town to meet Hank for dinner. It was a relaxing day.

July 17th

In the morning I was on a radio station out of Billings at 9:45 am, so I didn’t get up to town until late afternoon. On the way up I decided to go north of town and get my propane filled and gas for Johnabilt. This way, I will be ready to head out in the morning.

On the way back I came up a back street and when I was going past the assisted living, a lady flagged me down and asked if I  would consider stopping in and visit with the residents there. Of course I would!

It was exciting to see the Veteran patients in their wheelchairs. They were all excited about Johnabilt. I got many of them to sign the book and I spent some time there. I went inside and visited with the ones that couldn’t walk or come outside. I was touched seeing their smiles and hearing about their stories.

I pulled on up the street to set my stand up and had a lot of people come by.

Evan Mellott, my second cousin stopped by to say hi. It is a small world. I met Jackie LoPresti her and her husband. They moved out here 30 some years ago.

I left a little early for the campsite so I could have my rig ready to take off in the morning.

Hank had invited me for dinner up in town with his wife Linda, Jason and his friend and Chelsey and Ryan. We had a wonderful time. I rode Smiley up and of course he got to park beside his Harley friends.

When I got back to the campground and about ready for bed. I got a knock on the door. I opened it and a gentleman that bought a book couple of days ago, said his wife read it through and that she couldn’t put it down. Said he thought I was headed to Cody, so he drove down there and back over  to Red Lodge, 100 miles and found me at my campground. Poor guy I felt bad that he drove all those miles but he has the second book now!