July 18 Cody to Thermoplis, WY 80 Miles

July 18 Cody to Thermoplis, WY 80 Miles

I left Cody, WY,  around 7:30 am, thinking I will have a shorter day but when I got to the roadside rest where I was planning on camping for the night, I just didn’t feel comfortable. So I headed for Thermopolis, WY, which was 80 miles, and boy am I exhausted! I suppose a long day today, makes for a shorter day tomorrow, as I will only have around 35 miles to Shoshonia, WY,. But I just found out that the camp site I wanted to stay at is 16 miles west of Shoshonia. I really don’t want to go 16 miles west out of my way. I don’t have phone service here but am hoping I can make some calls tomorrow.

There is a National Park close to there, so hopefully, they allow camping at the Park.

I had two pretty good hills today and I had to adjust carburetor. I stopped in Meeteetse, WY, for gas and I heard someone yelling and running over. A man said, “Don’t put your card in I am paying for this. I am a Veteran and appreciate what you are doing.” In no time two more Veterans came by and we chatted. They all signed the book and thanked us for the mission.

Later in the day a truck went around me and stopped. An older man got out and motioned me over. I stopped and he said I am a veteran and want to thank you and he handed me a donation. Just then a biker came running over and said, “I can’t believe I am seeing this! I saw you on Fox and Friends” He also handed me a donation and said Thank You so much! There were about 6 other bikers checking in and I heard him proudly tell them, “I saw this on Fox and Friends and have been following him across the US!” He was doing real well sharing with the others what our mission was all about.

With all the summer tourist and bikers week, the camp grounds are getting filled up fast!