July 18 Red Lodge to Cody, WY 60 Miles

July 18 Red Lodge to Cody, WY 60 Miles

July 18

I got started around 7 am and headed up RT 308 out of Red Lodge. It was a fairly steep hill, so I put it in 4th gear and putted up about half way then my clutch started slipping. I saw a turn off ahead, so I pulled in and had to tighten my clutch. It was kind of a bad place on the hill, but I got it done and crawled the rest of the way up the hill. You might have noticed that Red Lodge is in a valley, from previous pictures.

Headed east on RT 308 until I got to RT 74 south,. Wow the scenery was breath taking! I got to the WY, Sate line and of course I had to stop and have a photo op. A State DOT worker came by on his grader, stopped and said, “I didn’t think I would get to see you.” He saw us on the news and he wanted to take some photos. He called his fellow workers to watch for me as I am coming south.

After taking some photos I crawled in the camper to eat some lunch. While I was eating, a local cowboy stopped in and said his ranch is right over by the base of the mountain. I asked him if he sees any grizzly bears, he said he has seen some down in his meadows already.

I asked because someone in Red Lodge, shared with me that they took a helicopter ride and they counted 35 grizzlies about two years ago along the mountain ridge. That is the same mountain ridge I will be running to Cody, so they figure there are more out here and told me to keep watching for them. I sure was hoping.

The view was so beautiful so I kept stopping to take pictures. I wanted to get some with my rig and the mountains in the back ground. I noticed I was climbing and then went down in a deep valley. When I stopped to take a picture, Johnabilt died.

I checked the gas filter and it was empty. Not sure why because I knew I had gas in the tank, so I took it apart and Johnabilt started up but was missing. I adjusted the carburetor again and it wasn’t too bad. When I got into Cody I checked and I think my elevation was 8,000 FT above sea level. No wonder I was having trouble!

I had a long hall up this mountain, and it became one lane because they were chipping the road. What a mess! Of course it was blocked off for 5 miles and only one lane of traffic. I was concerned that I would be holding up the traffic, so I got out and talked with the flag man. He said, no problem. Just run on the empty lane which was great. I wasn’t holding up any traffic so I know everyone was happy about that!

Found my campground; Absaroka Bay RV in Cody, WY. Got myself settled in, took a nap and then jumped on Smiley to go visit the Buffalo Bill Museum. Several folks in Red Lodge, said you need to visit the museum when you get to Cody. It was nice and afterwards I found a Chinese Restaurant to eat and then I stopped in Wal- Mart for a few things.

Tomorrow I will be putting south on Route 120 towards Meeteetse, WY.