July 2 Deadwood to Belle Fourche, SD – 32 Miles

July 2 Deadwood to Belle Fourche, SD – 32 Miles

I took off at 6 am because I wanted to get up the mountain before the construction work started. As I was putting up the mountain they were putting cones out. I was glad I just made it and only had one car come up behind me. I had put it in 4th gear going up and in 4th gear going down. It was a long steep hill and I was sure glad to be down and on some flat land again.

I putted up to Spearfish and stopped at Wal-Mart for some supplies for the next week or two. It was nice traveling up to Belle Fourche, SD. I found my campsite and decided to head out to Bentz Equipment JD dealer and have my oil changed. As I putted out and pulled in, William Huston came out said follow me we will give you the wash bay to pull in and you can change your oil.  He got me a tub to run my oil in, as I got my tools out. In no time at all, I went to work and had the oil and filter changed.

I thanked them and was soon on my way back to the campsite. When I got back I called Steve Koser asked him to check the elevation on Belle Fourche, SD. On the way up Johnabilt missed occasionally. He came back and said around 3,000 FT above see level that’s why Johnabilt was missing we were running over some 6,000 to 7,000 foot mountains. So now the carburetor is set to lean so we adjusted it again hoping he will run better through the parade, so it won’t sound like Johnabilt has gas. lol

I stopped at city Hall and filled out my application for the parade. I am number 249 out of 300 + floats or entries. This is going to be some parade as they celebrate their 100 year Anniversary!

I took Smiley and did some recon so we would know where to set up and what the route is. I came back and my  neighbor said, “You know they are running the bulls at 2pm, don’t you?” It’s a tradition they were doing for 100 years. That’s how ranchers took their cattle to the sales years ago.

They announced they had 150 cattle running and all the cowboys and carriages came together.

They are having three rodeos. They’re doing it up real nice for the 100 year Anniversary. Cowboys are coming from all over the US,! I’m told that the money purse is pretty big.

Returned back to my camper and realized there was no Internet, so I am writing on MS Word on my computer and will have to send it another day.

Happy Independence Day America!