July 20 Thermoplis to Shoshoni, WY 41 Miles

July 20 Thermoplis to Shoshoni, WY 41 Miles

I had a steep hill to come down to get into Thermoplis, so I put it in 4th coming down. I stopped and took a picture of the Hot Springs and then putted south.  I was concerned last night because I didn’t have cell a signal but I did have WiFi. When I signed on and tried to find a camp sight, it didn’t

show any close to Shoshonia. There was one 18 miles west of town, and I need to go east and didn’t want to travel that far.

I talk to a gentleman at the gas station and he said there are two as you come out of the canyon that I will be going down through but they are 8 miles north of Shoshoni.

In 2014 there was one just a little west of Shoshoni that I stayed at but it did not show up so I assumed they weren’t open any more. I wasn’t sure what to do, since I didn’t remember the name anymore. I called Mark Leonhardt; a Rancher that I met in 2014 who lives in the area.

I was worried and didn’t want to putt 130 miles to Casper, WY, so

I prayed about it and asked God to provide a cell signal so I could get my work caught up and be able to relax for two days and have electric. The campsites that are outside of the canyon don’t have electric.

I putted down the canyon, with the most beautiful view riding down by a river for 15 miles. I went through three tunnels and took videos to post. I loved to hear Johnabilt bark as I went through the tunnel.

As I am cane out of the tunnels, and realize I had a cell signal. I checked for campgrounds and there were a couple of state parks, so I decided to pick the one closest to Shoshoni, which was about 8 miles north. I drove in and asked if I could stay a night. It was a beautiful setting, but no electric.

In no time I had a number of people around asking about our mission.

I asked a lady about the campground that used to be west of town she said all it’s still there; it’s called B&B RV campground they just don’t advertise. I called Mark and he said I know of the campground, he is my friend.

So I came on down into town filled up my tanks and got to chat with a number of Veterans.

It was an answer to Prayer. I headed west a couple of miles and found the camp ground. It is beautiful and I have cell signal and electric.  It’s only in the low 70’s and nice breeze.

Thank You Lord for answer’s to prayer. I will be staying here two nights to get caught up and do some maintenance on Johnabilt.