July 25 Medicine Bow to Laramie, WY – 82 Miles

July 25 Medicine Bow to Laramie, WY – 82 Miles

I had a nice surprise last night. Omar Stoltzfus and his friend Tom Flaud hunted me down. Omar lives 2 miles from me in PA. They are traveling to Sout on Jackson Hole, to work on a ranch for the summer. It was a nice surprise and they took me out for dinner. Thank You Omar and Tom.

I left Medicine Bow early and headed south on route 287.  There was little traffic and  it was a nice ride. I was entertained with trains coming by about every 30 minutes.

There were lots of antelopes, some of them right along the road they looked at me strangely and soon took off when they heard Johnabilt.

It felt good knowing I have a shorter day, and the elevation was getting higher. I was wondering if Johnabilt was going to have to be adjusted.At one point I stopped along route 287 to take a break and I was trying to find the elevation of Laramie on my phone and wanted to see how far it was, but my GPS was not working on my phone. I decided to step outside and relax and thought I heard a car in back of me. I walked towards the back of the camper and coming around the camper were my friends from PA, Gerald and B J Eberly and Merle and Sharon Eberly. I was totally shocked and speechless! What a neat surprise and they sure did surprise me! I think Cindy was in on that surprise!

They flew out landed in Denver and drove up into WY, to find me. I was so excited to see friends from back home. After we did some picture ops they headed back to Laramie to their Hotel and I had another hour run to Laramie, WY. I pulled in at KOA campground and asked to stay two nights and the owners said no charge we will find you a spot. Thank You  Laramie KOA.

My friends came and we spent some time at the campsite and they took me out for dinner. What a nice surprise and a fun day.

After advice from local folks I decided not to head to Cheyenne they said you don’t want to go near that place all the hotels and campsites are full because of Frontier Days. My friends from PA, said they had problems getting tickets at first because of the airline they wanted being booked. The timing worked out great with my friends coming out. I have an extra day and tomorrow I am riding with them to Cheyenne to see the Rodeo. It was a exciting day.

Wow second day in a row friends surprised me from PA. I need to be on my best behavior because I never know when someone might show up.