July 27 Fort Collins to Brush, CO – 87 Miles We Have Reached 3,000 Miles Today!

July 27 Fort Collins to Brush, CO – 87 Miles We Have Reached 3,000 Miles Today!

When I left the KOA in Fort Collins this morning, I headed east on route 14 to Briggsdale, WY. I discovered it was a State Park and had no electricity and cell signal was poor in that area.

Since I wasn’t coming south from Cheyenne, I discovered I can save 20 miles by going south on route 85 and east route 34 to Brush. I knew it was going to be a long day since there weren’t any campsites between Fort Collins and Brush.

As I was traveling down route 34 I passed so many large dairy operations, that looked like large feed lots. A local gentleman here in town came to see me at my campsite. He heard I was coming through town from their two cylinder club and said he drove a milk truck for 35 years and his semi held 8,000 gallons of milk at a time. He shared in that county itdairy31 miles square and they have 10 dairy operations and they all have 8 to 10,000 cows in each one.

Just seeing all the calf hutches for their calves was a sight to behold!

I never saw a large sheep feeding lot. Someone mentioned they milk them too.

As I travel south and east, I am now out of the mountain range east of the Rockies. I came into dry grass ranges and then into farming land. It was good to see corn and wheat fields again.

I kept on putting and finally reached Brush, WY, and found a campsite at the Memorial Park. I am planning on staying here two nights since I am ahead of schedule a day now.

I wasn’t more than set up and trucks and people started coming by. They all said they saw us on Fox & Friends New and have been following me ever since. A number of them were at the VFW at a party and saw me go by so they jumped in their trucks and came by. It was nice chatting with these Veterans.

I crawled into bed early and it wasn’t long there was a knock on the door. I answered it and it was the local police.

He said they got a call from a gentleman from Fort Collins, and he saw you go through Fort Collins and would like to talk to you. Wow. He had me worried for a moment!