July 28 & 29 Brush to Limon, CO – 64 Miles

July 28 & 29 Brush to Limon, CO – 64 Miles

July 28th

Spent the day at camp site catching up on some rest.

I had a call from Larry and Pat Yoder from Arthur. We all became friends in Sarasota, FL. They were traveling south of Colorado Springs, for a wedding and decided to hunt me down.

It was a nice surprise to see them and we all went out for lunch and had a nice visit. Thanks Pat and Larry hope to see you in FL.

July 29th

Left Brush, CO, this morning at 6:30 am. It was nice traveling down route 71 heading to Limon. There were some rolling hills but then it because mostly non irrigated farming ground. The corn looked nice and they were combining wheat. I was in my glory watching them.

I arrived in Limon early afternoon and found my campsite, then took Smiley out to Wendy’s for a bite to eat. The last time I washed my rig was up in Red Lodge, so after dinner, I came back and gave Johnabilt a bath. He had a lot of dirt and dust on him from the last two campsites.

Soon had people stopped in and said that they have been following us on Facebook and knew I was here. A gentleman by the name of Tim Roger lives in town and said he has been following me all three trips and was so excited when he heard I was coming to town. I took some picture of him in the tractor. He had called the local newspaper and they came out and did an interview for their local newspaper.

My maintenance today was adding air in one tire and I also added a half quart of oil and repaired my US flag pole.  We had such a windy day that the connector broke. Glad I had a spare.

The picture of a gentleman beside the tractor, is named. George came out to visit with me. He is a local farmer and said he has been following us all three trips, and was very excited when he saw we were coming through Limon. He thanked us for our mission.

Tried to figure out why my XM Serious radio started saying I have a antenna connection problem. I am tired tomorrow is another day to work on that.