July 31 Worked on Johnabilt At The Campsite

July 31 Worked on Johnabilt At The Campsite

I woke up this morning feeling excited that my starter solenoid is expected to come in. I am figuring that I can have that on and take off early afternoon to my next campsite in Colorado Springs. I only have 20 miles to get there, but it’s right through the city of Manitou Springs to Pikes Peak RV Park.

I have been riding Smiley out to the garage to a Napa store that order the Solenoid for me. I was about to leave and Gary Eiferd showed up. He and his wife are staying at the campgrounds and he is a JD man. He excited when I pulled in and said that he has restored a couple of old John Deere’s. Right away, he said, “How can I help?’ I explained about my starter solenoid going out and that I have one ordered. I was about to take the starter down. It is underneath and heavy. He said, “ I will help. I love helping to work on an old tractor.”

He drove me down to the garage. Up until now, I have been using Smiley and it’s 6 miles down there and six miles back.

e walked in and they said it was coming from Denver and that it wasn’t put on the truck. My heart dropped but they said they promised that it will be here by 12:30 pm.

So we went back and did some more work on Johnabilt to get him ready, so I can leave in good time. I have a site reserved in Pikes Peak RV Park and I’m anxious to get there.

We went back out and when we walked in, he said they called it will be 2:30.  I was a little ticked by then.

Now I knew  that we wouldn’t have it together in time. We drove back to the campsite and I asked if my site was still open for the night. I decided that I better stay here and cancel the one in Pikes Peak. Plus I thought about it and I would have all the work traffic. There are 5 military bases and all that traffic gets off around 5 and I would be right in it. Lucky for me, I could stay!

We went back out the third time and they said that it just came in. We drove back and we finally have it, but we get home and it did not look right. Now I am not a happy camper! We loaded the whole heavy starter up and headed back out and showed it to the owner of Falcon Auto Repair and now he is not happy either. They gave the right part number, but the truth came out that someone at Napa forgot to press order on their computer.

The owner called and said we expect to have the right one here within the hour. Napa had the right one on their desk but sent the wrong one out.

We hung around for an hour and when it came, I asked the mechanic if he minded putting in the starter, as it would save us time.

We got back and I crawled under the tractor and lifted it up, while Gary installed the bolts. It was heavy but we got it together. Now I should tell you that Garry is 80 and he worked on the tractor and said, “Ivan I am having so much fun!”

We got it all together and we both were excited. I went in the cab, turned on the switch and it was dead. It wouldn’t start and at this point, I was really worried.

I called Ron from ERM,Inc shop who installed the cab and starter.

Ron walked me through testing wires to the starter and found that the starter wire was dead, so then he had me doing a lot of tests and found out that the wire was dead, but he walked me though how I could temporarily cross some wires until I get new wiring running from the switch to the starter. I tried what he said and Johnabilt starter right up now I can sleep, but what an ordeal!

Many thanks Garry EiFerd for your help and all the running around getting the right part. You were a true blessing.