July 4th – Independence Day!

July 4th – Independence Day!

My thoughts on this 4th of July are the words Ronald Reagan spoke.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the blood stream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same.”

I thank God for being able to live in a free country and for those that are willing to fight for our Freedom. We have a responsibility to help those that are willing to sacrifice for our Freedom.

Last evening a gentleman came to my campsite and wanted to show me his Willi’s Jeep he just restored, it was beautiful.

I am in Belle Fourche, SD, and today we had the 100th year Anniversary parade. There was a large crowd and in the parade were 300 entries I was number 249.

When I woke up and there was heavy rain but they said the parade will go on rain or shine, so around 9 am I headed over and found my spot.

With such heavy rain, I pitied the open floats. After about an hour the parade started and the sun came out and it cleared off. There were hundreds of people along the parade route, clapping and waving as Johnabilt and the others passed by. The whole parade lasted close to two hours, till I got through. It’s hard to take pictures when you have a large float in front of you but I did take a few. It was such a fun day! I came back to my campsite to a muddy mess because of all the rain.

I jumped on Smiley and cruised out to see where RT 212 heads on the west edge of town. Wasn’t excited, so I putted further west to get out in the country.

Tomorrow WY and then I will be knocking on Montana’s door! I am hoping to reach Broadus, MT. It is a long hike, close to 100 miles. I was hoping there was a campground closer but none so I will take my time and head towards Broadus one mile at a time, for one hero at a time. I’m planning on staying there two nights to rest up and the rest of the week be more like 60 miles each day between campsites.