July 5 Belle Fourche to Broadus, MT – 102 Miles

July 5 Belle Fourche to Broadus, MT – 102 Miles

Last evening I decided to ride Smiley out and enjoy a good home cook meal. As I was finishing my dinner it got real black and I could see a storm was coming. Just my luck, as I stepped outside it poured. I waited a while, but there was some high water from the heavy rain. It slowed down and I decided to make a run for it, As I pulled out I heard a horn tooting at me but I was concerned about getting home  the half a mile I needed to travel.

As I was driving down the street there was a huge puddle of water that came up to Smiley’s step. I was going through it very carefully and just then a semi came by and sent a huge wave of water all over me. I was soaked! Pretty sure he could have avoided that, but I really think he enjoyed dumping all that water on me and Smiley.

I got home and changed and heard someone knocking on the door. Here was Frances Riley and her daughter from Honey Brook, PA. She was our mail lady for years and in 2014 she delivered a sweater to me in WY.  Frances and her daughter drove over 2,000 miles. This time to deliver me a DO NOT DISTURB sign to hang on my camper door, when I need to get some rest at bedtime. They saw in one of my blogs, that I have a hard time getting my rest in the evening because people are so excited about the trip and want to hear more about our mission. How kind of them to do that and I know it will also make Cindy and Andrew just as happy, since they worry about me here out on the road.

I took off little after 6:00 am I knew I had a long day and wanted get on the road early. I putted west on RT 212 on smooth and level roads. I was able to trek to Broadus in 6th gear.

Coming across route RT 212 was not only beautiful it was entertaining, as I saw lots of antelope and a few mule deer. I quit counting after seeing over 40 very nice racks.

It was so pretty, that I stopped a number of places taking photos of Johnabilt. One place I was wishing I was on the opposite side of the road, but I continued on. This bothered me so I made a U Turn and drove back a mile to take the picture. About every hour, I stop and walk  around outside and let Johnabilt rest. It has been a long trek across MT, to Broadus and we both were feeling it.

A rain storm came up for 20 miles and continued into Broadus. I found my Campsite west of town. I recommend Wayside Campground if you’re traveling through. I putted in and the owner came out and asked what this is all about, and as I explained our mission she started crying and said, “We just had a veteran here last night and he shared with me how he is struggling with PTSD.” She said you find a spot and there will be no charge.

I have no phone or Internet here, so I am hoping I can hook up to their Wi-Fi in the office so I can send this blog.

She came back out later and said, “I see you are from PA! It’s a small world; I grew up in Reading, PA before I move out here.”

I was born and raised in Morgantown, PA, so we grew up only 10 miles apart. It’s a small world indeed!