July 6 and 7 Fourche to Hardin, MT – 103 Miles

July 6 and 7 Fourche to Hardin, MT – 103 Miles

July 6th

I spent the day at the Campsite, so I could rest and work on Johnabilt.

I met Tony, Cindy and Ken from Texas when they arrived in their Motor home. We had a nice visit and he would like to get involved helping to promote our Mission. His career is in advertising and promotion. He did a video and is planning on being in touch and in promoting us as I putt along from town to town.

July 7th

It was a long day. I started out thinking I will have a shorter day, but when I got to a small town before Lame Deer, it was an Indian Reservation and the campground was closed. I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay there, even if it was open, so I kept on putting, realizing I had to go 30 miles more to the next one. I was getting tired and I was ready for a short day, but I kept going and finally got to the next camp ground. Unfortunately for me, that one was also closed and was full of junked cars. I would not have stayed there either.

The only thing I could do, is to keep putting to south of Hardin, MT. Most of the time I didn’t have phone service or Internet to find another campground, so it was a bit of a challenge for me.

I stopped on top of a hill to check my map and see how far it was where interstate crosses route 212. I remembered that there was a campground close to there, but that was another 30 miles. There was no one around and I felt like I was the only living creature except trucks and campers going by.

When I started Johnabilt up he started missing and just died. My heart just about stopped. Here I am, in the middle of nowhere. I managed to get him started again, but he missed died again. I adjusted the carburetor and put another gas filter on. I did notice the old one was dirty. I also put new plugs in. I tried again and he started but still had a little miss. Finally I was able to adjust the carburetor and I felt pretty good. I checked my phone and I had 1 bar, so I decided to call Steve Koser. We chatted and I started questioning, that maybe I might be in a higher elevation than I thought.  Steve is always comfort me saying, I might of had it too lean when I was on the lower elevations and fouled the plugs. I thanked Steve and said I will call when I get to my campsite.

I was close to Interstate 90 and there was a gas station, so I decided to fill up. Two couples walked over and asked what part of PA, I was from. They were from Lancaster, PA! It sure is a small world.

Johnabilt ran fine the rest of the way, but by this time I was exhausted and realized that I ran 103 miles today, when I was only planning on going 44 miles. But all is well. I will rest up tomorrow and stay an extra day at the campsite. As they say in the military, one must adapt, adjust and that’s just what I did. I realized that I never took any pictures, as I was more concerned about getting Johnabilt back on the road.

When I finally got to the campsite, I got on my laptop and saw that I went from 2900 FT above sea level to 6,000 FT. No wonder I was having trouble! I called Steve back and gave him the news and he assured me, it wasn’t electrical and that it was the carburetor. That made me feel better, since now I know it was the elevation that caused Johnabilt to miss and die. I checked and now I will be around 3,000 FT until I get to Red Lodge. Then we jump up to 5,000 FT, so I will need to do some adjusting again as I putt closer to Red Lodge.

I am at the cleanest and nicest campground I have been so far. When I walked into the office a gentleman came in behind me and said he saw us on Fox & Friends back in May. He is from the east coast of FL, and hopes to come over to Sarasota in October to see us arrive.

Thank You 7th Ranch RV Camp, they said no charge!