July 8th and 9th – At the Campsite

July 8th and 9th – At the Campsite

July 8th

I took a day off and stayed at the campground, which was one of the nicest campgrounds I have been at on this trip.

I replaced Johnabilt’s flags and worked on a couple of things in the camper and then rested after such a long day the day before.

Made myself a TV dinner which wasn’t too bad. Then a bad storm came up and the camper rocked. I know that the rocking helped put me to sleep. It wasn’t long, and I was fast asleep.

July 9th

I wasn’t in a hurry to get up because I only had 24 miles to go to Hardin, MT. I finally left around 8:00 am and I was getting antsy at that point.

As I putted up frontier road runs along the side of the interstate, I stopped for a cup of coffee and a gentleman yelled out, “What part of PA, are you from?” He was from north of Pittsburgh.

Continued north taking my time, glad to see that Johnabilt seems to be running great again. As I came into Hardin, MT,  and my campground was only half a block away, so I decided to fill my tank up before I headed to the campgrounds. I didn’t more than pull in and one truck after another came in. Had a conversation with a local Mennonite farmer who came out here 20 years ago. He and his son were of course interested in Johnabilt and our mission.

After while here pulls in another vehicle with Frances Hess and her daughter Frances Riley. I thought they left for home last week but they decided to visit Yellowstone and hunt me down on the way home. They were looking for me for two days and finally tracked me down today.

They said they have a gift for me and were sorry they didn’t have it for the 4th of course I needed to try it on. I wasn’t sure if I was a candy cane or ready for the 4th next year but I had to do a photo op with them.

Here I thought my trip today was short and didn’t have any photos but that changed quickly! You all can stop laughing now. Lol

There is another storm coming. Seems they have been coming through each evening this last week.

Thank You Grandview Campground for not charging us to stay. And thanks for your mission.

Tomorrow I putt to Billings, MT.