July23 Casper to Medicine Bow, WY – 83 Miles

July23 Casper to Medicine Bow, WY – 83 Miles

I was on the road before 6 am. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have 83 miles to Medicine Bow or 140 miles to Laraine, WY. I checked Medicine Bow out and there were no campgrounds. I was worried but knew I had to go.  It was a beautiful drive down though.

I prayed this morning that I would be able to park some where or that a campground that was not advertised would have phone service so I could get caught up on my blogs. I couldn’t blog these past couple of days and didn’t have service most of the way down.

I stopped about every two hours and took a walk and rested, knowing if I can’t stop in Medicine Bow it’s going to be a long day into the night.

When I become this tired, I keep thinking I hear noises in Johabilt that don’t belong there, so I normally put a CD in or turn up the radio. Your mind starts playing games with you when you’re tired. One time today I started thinking; did we ever check the rear end oil before I started the trip? I am sure we did, but this starting haunting me to a point where I became worried. I decided to stop and get my wrench out and open the plug.  I stuck my finger in and with relief my finger hit oil. Then I felt better the rest of the day.

I had fun playing with the antelopes all day. I discovered something up in SD. The little Prairie dogs (hundreds of them) would stand up by their holes and when I hit the oooga horn they would all dive in their holes. I had so much fun playing with them.

Today coming down route 487 there were a lot of Prairie Dogs and when I would hit the oooga horn they would just stay standing and would not dive in their holes, it was like never mind you guys, look at that ugly thing putting down the road. He doesn’t scare us.

I like the metal statue of a horse and rider with a US flag middle of the field.

As I am coming into town I am straining my eyes hoping to see a mom and pop campground that was not advertised. I see to campers sitting out in a field and see more electric plug in’s. I pulled in and there was a number on one of the campers. I called the number and the owner said, “No the town shut me down, I can’t have overnight campers because I don’t have bathrooms or showers.”

I explained what I was doing and that I am pulling the camper with a John Deere A and he got quiet and said, “I will be down.”

He said, “You pull right in there and never mind what the town says. This is different what you are doing.” He wanted to know all about the John Deere A. He used to run one as a boy.

It was such relief and Thank You Lord, for answered prayers.

To top it off I just realized that I have full cell signal and I didn’t just 5 miles back.

I stepped out of my camper and there was an antelope staring at me. They are walking on the streets of this small town.

Received a call from a good friend. Omar Stoltzfus and also a neighbor back in PA, are traveling through and want to stop and take me out for dinner.

This town has one gas station but if you blink, you might miss it. I think it has a small restaurant at the other end of town. Guess I will be eating at the next place, 80 miles away.