June 17 Storm Lake to Battle Creek, Iowa – 53 Miles

June 17 Storm Lake to Battle Creek, Iowa – 53 Miles

I started out early and headed down RT 71 to RT 20 west. A truck driver hauling corn passed me and pulled over. He was a local farmer hauling his corn. He said he had to stop me and see this tractor closer. We got to talking about farming and comparing farming in the mid-west towards in the east.

I then went south down a back road that was filled with beautiful rolling country side crops. I stopped a couple times taking pictures. One time I went up this embankment and tripped on a piece of barbed wire that was laying in the grass. Next thing I knew, I fell out over the fence. Needless to say, that didn’t go well, and I ended up with a nice cut in my leg. All is well. It’s just a farming mishap. You just wrap something around it and carry on.

I arrived at Battle Creek and my camp site was 3 miles south. I am thinking about staying here two days so I can catch up on some paperwork and rest. I decided to jump on Smiley and head to town for a warm comfort meal. I stopped at Sparkies (a local gas station) and asked where a restaurant might be and their answer was, we only have one and its over on main street. So I drove over to main street and that looked kind of empty. I found the place and went in and there was a lady was sitting in the back. I asked her if they were open and she said closed at 2 pm. And – they are the only restaurant in town! So much for that. I headed back now thinking about which TV dinner will it be tonight. I had soup the last couple nights, so I choose turkey and it wasn’t too bad.

I soon found out that I had no Internet or cell, so I will be moving on in the morning. I need to be blogging, and no Internet makes that difficult. It wasn’t long before cars and trucks pulled in, which created a lot of dust. They saw me come into town and the word spread quickly, so they figured I was at this camp site, which happened to be the only one around.

I was able to get my TV dish working and was able to catch up on news. After that, I went to bed early. It was a long day.