June 19th and 20th Lyons, NE to Pierce, NE – 71 Miles

June 19th and 20th Lyons, NE to Pierce, NE – 71 Miles

June 19th                      Lyons, NE    At campsite for the day.

I had a number of people stop by today. One, a local policeman stopped by to thank me and share how he is struggling with PTS (Post Traumatic Stress). I asked him if he would explain. He mentioned that he wakes up in the night and sees children that were in accidents. One in particular was a 10 year old girl, in which he rushed to where the accident was, and got there just when she passed away. He said if I could of only been their sooner.

We have no idea what our First Responders and Veterans have to deal with. Unless we served and have seen what they have seen, we can only imagine their lives. These brave men and women, have to live with this and learn to know what triggers their feelings and they need to learn how  to live with the traumatic events that they’ve seen.

I made my dinner in the camper and from 6:15 to 7:30 before I went to bed, 13 cars came in and stopped and took pictures. Some got out to take pictures, while others pulled forward and then backed up. I finally went to bed and I was exhausted. I could hear more cars driving in. The word spread through this small town and I was told they didn’t have this much excitement for a long time. I am happy that I can be their entertainment, while at the same time, bring awareness to Operation Second Chance and our Mission.

I had a neighbor in his camper that came over and chatted with me for a while. He is a veteran and he shared some struggles that he is dealing with and asked if he could email me and share more. A couple of pictures one of my neighbor at the campsite.

June 20th      Lyons, to Peirce, NE         71 miles

I took off at 6:30 am and stopped at the local restaurant for coffee to take with me before I got out on the main road. All the local men where in there for breakfast. I could hear them arguing about who was buying me coffee. I thanked them and was on my way. As I pulled out they were all standing at the window waving. I thought that was nice of them or were they making sure I got out of town? That’s the joke with my Sarasota friends. They told me one time, that the only reason they were standing at the bridge heading out of town, was to make sure I was doing just that. Heading out! LOL

It started raining heavy and continued most of the trip up to Pierce. The roads weren’t bad but it was not a picture taking day today.

Yesterday my good friend Norm Miller from Sarasota called and said his brother Lewis Miller lives in Beemer, NE, and he said that I will be going by there within 5 miles. I said I will call him when I get to the cross road at RT 77 and RT 51. I stopped and had no phone service another 20 miles up the road. Lewis called me and said he will take off and catch up to me and I said it shouldn’t be any problem, since I am only going 14 mph today.

As I was putting north of Norfolk, NE, he passed me and so I stopped. We took pictures and chatted a while and had a nice visit. He said he was heading to Iowa on a business trip.

I pulled into Pierce today around 2 pm and found my campsite. Once I got settled in, I took Smiley off her perch and explored down town Pierce. I see a restaurant I am going to check out this evening for dinner! I will devote tomorrow is cleaning up the rig. After coming through all the rain today, Johnabilt is a little dirty.