June 1st Leroy to Washburn, IL 67 miles

I want to give a shout out and a big Thank You to Fred and Carolyn Helmuth for letting me camp at their place. And thanks to Fred for organizing the convoy of tractors and having friends take off a day of work to make our convoy a success and for bringing attention and support to our mission.

They were Levi Beachy, Floyd Miller, Ervin Kuhn, , Harold McQueen and Fred Helmuth. These guys trailered their tractors over 60 miles to meet me and at the end they had to have someone take them back to our starting point to bring back their vehicles.

Thank you for dinner at the Country Club with friends. When I was ready to leave in the morning Fred filled Johnabilt up with gas.
Thank you Carolyn and Fred Helmuth for all your support the last three trips. Its a team effort. You are great friends.

When I left camp this morning around 7 am, I and headed north, on nice country roads and beautiful farm land traveled by very little traffic.

I took a few pictures of barns. I love the old barns. Out here a lot of them are what we called corn cribs or corn barns where they stored ears corn before they had combines to shell.

When I got up on RT 24 west into El Pasco, IL, the road was very rough with cracks every 100 feet.
I stopped in and said hi to RJR Transport.  I had stayed there over night the last trip chatted with the Ryan before continuing north to Washburn.

My friend Stan’s family had owned an implement shed off of RT 24 and in my past trips they invited me to stay there overnight. Its very pleasant and peaceful.

Tomorrow I will to trek up to Amboy, IL.