June 29 – Stayed at Campsite in Keystone, SD

June 29 – Stayed at Campsite in Keystone, SD

I got up early and took off at 6:15 am and putted up the 10%, two mile hill up to Mt Rushmore. It was just me and one other camper that stopped at the only place you can take pictures in the parking lot. I took a few pictures and had to move forward because of shadows, so I went back out to take more and here comes a camper and he pulled in behind me. I ended up leaving because I couldn’t take anymore pictures. After a while, a Park Ranger came by and said if you wait till 10 am, you won’t have as many shadows. So I decided to wait these folks out for 3 hours. I went back in the camper and made myself lunch and got caught up on paperwork. The folks finally came back and moved and I had a chance to get more photos.

It got real hot today. I did not walk around much. I took a few photos and was ready to get out of there. I felt like I was at Disney World. It was wall to wall people and everyone kept bumping into each other. All out enjoying themselves, but I was ready to get back on the road!

So I left and putted back down the 10% grade in 3rd gear and the engine held the rig back. I didn’t have to brake very much. I came back to the campsite and did a load of laundry and had a good lunch, then decided to jump on Smiley to check out my route when I leave here. I discovered that I have a 2 mile hill to climb and they are doing road construction with only one lane. Wow, it’s not a10 % grade hill but it’s fairly steep. I might have to climb that in 4th gear and that means with only one lane, I will be holding traffic up. I was going to stay here another night but I think I will leave here early Sunday morning for Deadwood and stay there an extra night.

My Pastor, Vernon Zook and his wife Laura from Abundant Life Church in Sarasota, FL,  and their grandson stopped to see me.  What a great surprise! They are taking a western trip and they hunted me down. We had a great visit.

Hoping to take off early for Deadwood, SD.