June 3   Amboy,IL to Dixon, IL      21 miles

June 3 Amboy,IL to Dixon, IL 21 miles

Today I left Washburn, IL,  and headed for Amboy, IL. It was a shorter day but I wanted to do some more maintenance on Johnabilt and catch up on some rest.

Tomorrow I will drive the short ride up to Dixon, IL. I’m planning on staying there until Wednesday or Thursday and then trekking west over the Mississippi.

Today I traveled on back country roads with very little traffic. I stopped in a gas station for coffee and in no time, had a group of folks around me commenting ‘we saw you on Fox News and never expected to see the rig in person.’ They were thanking us for bringing awareness.

I had a restful stay in Amboy, IL, however had no phone service so I couldn’t do my usual work that I like to do each day.

Instead, I worked on Johnabilt and cleaned the camper and got some rest.

I met Pastor Bunyan from First Batista Church at the church parking lot where I will be staying and he and got me all hooked up with electric.

Tonight I am invited to go out for Dr. Jim Olson’s birthday dinner.

I spent time working on my route south of Red Lodge, MT, was resting and had a knock on the door.  My good friend Mike Bowman, who as you may recall, I met on the last trip at a gas station and he was aired on Fox News.

Mike and his wife lost their son to PTSD and his hidden wounds. They stopped to thank us for continuing to bring awareness of the sacrifices made by our Soldiers and Marines. Thank You Mike. My thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family. Here is a picture of Mike in front of Johnabilt.

It wasn’t long before a Sheriff drove in. It was Officer Kellen from Dixon, IL!  I met him two years ago as I was leaving Dixon. He stopped me to thank me for bringing awareness.

We chatted and he said he has been tracking me and saw I was coming into town. He took a video and wants to post it this evening, letting his FB friends know I am in town and ask that they support OSC. Officer Kellen was kind enough to sign my address book for book 3. God Bless our troops and our First Responders.