June 4th and June 5th Dixon to DeWitt

June 4th and June 5th Dixon to DeWitt

June 4th  

Camp at the First Baptist Church in Dixon,  IL

I was able to camp out at the First Baptist Church in Dixon, IL. A big thank you to Jim and Arden Olsen and Jim’s son-in-law and daughter Pastor Bunyan and Rachel Cocars for being  great hosts and hostesses. They all helped in getting me set up in the parking lot for two nights.

I spent some time with Jim and Arden Olsen while in Dixon. The group picture shows us all out for dinner Tuesday night. 

I was at a good spot and had people stopping all afternoon and I was delighted when a group of farmers stopped in from France, IL.  We all had a good time sharing stories. Only one of the gentleman could speak English, but I could tell that they all loved Johnabilt! 

The farmers said they are going south to see some Amish farms and I told them I was born Amish. They were excited to hear that as well as sharing different farming methods. We had a great time. 

I spoke some PA German and it was interesting that they could understand so we all spoke in German. I asked them how they knew I was there. They said, they were driving by and saw the strange looking tractor.

I had a number of Veterans stop by coming home from their work.
Mike Bowman brought me his son Tim’s picture to hang in the cab and I gladly did that. Tim struggled with PTSD. If you remember Mike and I met in Organ, IL, in 2017 while Fox News was filming. He drove in the gas station and shared his story of how he lost his son.

Thank you Mike for bringing Tim’s picture. He will never be forgotten and he will be riding with me for the rest of the trip.

There’s a picture of Mike Bowman besides Johnabilt and his son’s picture inside the cab.

June 5th       60 miles

Before I left this morning Jim Olson lead a prayer for my safety as I continue to trek west. Thanks Jim and thank you Pastor Bunyan for hosting me at your church.

As I was going west on RT 2 out of Dixon, IL, I stopped at the Veterans Memorial and took a few pictures.
I was excited about taking off this morning knowing I will be crossing the Mississippi today.

As I approached the river, I pulled off and set up my cameras and in no time, a semi truck pulled in to thank us for our mission.

As I putted across the Mississippi River I couldn’t help remembering my father telling me when they went across in 1936. They went across on a swinging bridge and I often wondered where he crossed.
I soon realized the river is more narrow on RT 30 than the places other years I crossed. There was an island in between and you see how high the river is from all the rain.

I putted west on RT 30 and came to my campsite, Grace Lutheran Bible Camp. They were very gracious when I called yesterday. There weren’t any other campsites around and at first they said no its not a camp site but after I explained our mission, they said come on down we will find a place for you and we have electric.

The superintendent just arrived and said he invited some Vietnam veteran friends to come down this evening.