June 9th and 10th One Month in 1,452 Miles!

June 9th and 10th One Month in 1,452 Miles!

June 9 Oelwein to Hampton  – 71 miles

I had nice traveling this morning. No traffic on a Sunday morning, however, still had plenty of rough roads. The last 10 miles weren’t too bad, but I needed to stop along RT 3 and adjust my clutch.
When I started up again I noticed I was missing one front flag. Not sure when that blew off, but I’ll replace it soon. Now there are lots of cars going by tooting their horns and waving! I stopped at ‘Thou Casey’s’ (a local coffee shop) for coffee and soon had folks all around me asking questions and some even gave a donation. I gave them cards and information and asked them to go on our website and sign up to receive our blog and told them that they can also follow me on the trip.

I arrived at Franklin County Convention Center in Hampton, IA, and pulled in and asked a gentlemen where can I set up camp for the night. He said, “go out and hook up. Someone will be around and if there isn’t in the morning, you just leave.” Now that was interesting! I wasn’t there long until a couple of cars pulled in and among them were 5 veterans in the group! They kept thanking me for bringing awareness. I am humbled that the Veterans continue to thank me, when what I am doing, is out here driving around the country to really thank them. Each of them donated and signed my book, which is now a growing list of Veterans.  I thought about going down town for a bite to eat but, it got real windy and a cold front moved in. I was concerned riding Smiley in that wind, so I stayed put.

June 10 Hampton to Clear Lake, Iowa  – 37 miles Total since May 10th 1452 miles

I have till Friday to be at Esterville, Iowa, so I decided to take a day and head to Clear Lake. Putting through Waverly, IA, I knew of the Clear Lake State Forest camp ground. It’s really nice. When I arrived, I jumped on Smiley and became a tourist. I visited where Buddy Holly last performed and before his plane crash north of town when he flew out. I toured the museum and rode Smiley 10 miles north of town to see his memorial out in a field by a fence row at the site of his crash. The directions said there will be a set of glasses where you walk into the field to his monument. Buddy Holly always wore big black glasses. As they say, that’s when the music stopped.

It’s was a beautiful clear day. The temperature was actually down to 50 this morning! Burr. Tomorrow I will have another short hop to Forest City, IA, and the following day I will head to Esterville, Iowa. America the beautiful!