May 16: Winona-Salem, Ohio to Hartville, Ohio 36 Miles Total

May 16: Winona-Salem, Ohio to Hartville, Ohio 36 Miles Total

To-Date: 379 Miles

It was nice sleeping in after a long day yesterday and I even got to wash the rig. We left around 10:30 AM and headed up to Salem, Ohio, and then west towards Hartville. The first 4 miles had some steep hills but after that it was nice traveling and I could sit back, relax and listen to music. Johnabilt was able to take the small hills in 6th gear.

We putted through Alliance, Ohio, and up to the camp site where we were planning on staying for the night. When I pulled in they said they have no room and that they only have year round campers. Just then, a friend of mine, Lavern Raber pulled in and said you come to my place I am only 4 miles up the road. Thank You Lavern.

Lavern is an IH (International tractor) they are red and we always have fun with them; it’s like you either like Chevy or Fords. Its great to know it doesn’t matter what color tractor you like that you still support the mission for our Freedom. Tomorrow morning I only have 4 miles to the town of Hartville, OH, where I will be setting up and be there until Sat afternoon.

Lavern is taking me up to a hardware store in town to get some parts for my clutch and then we are heading over to a restaurant where all the locals go for coffee. It’s 4:00 PM and a number of the folk are our snow birds (neighbors) in Sarasota, FL. The conversation gets pretty deep, and I am  concerned that I did not bring any boots not sure how deep it gets. J

Once again I lost my gas gauge, which is a stick with a green handle for John Deere. Lavern offered to make me one but I have a feeling it may have a red handle. We will see and if it does we will have some fun with it and I am sure I will get rise out of it. That’s good as long as they are willing to talk about our mission.

I stopped for gas and a lady walked over and wanted to hear about the mission. She said her husband did two tours in Vietnam and has a hard time dealing with his pain. I asked her if she thinks he would like to share his experience, she wasn’t sure but said it would be ok to call him. I felt bad for her she has a hard time knowing how to deal with his pain.

It’s very peaceful at Lavern’s home set up in front of his shop. I even took a picture of Johnabilt and his IH sign. This evening I went with him to get some parts and he took Dave and I out for dinner, what a treat.

Heading over to Hartville Flea Market setting up for Saturday morning. I talked to the owner, Marion Coblentz this afternoon and he would like for me to come and set up early tomorrow afternoon. I will have time in the morning to work on clutch and get Johnabilt ready for rest for the weekend.