May 17: A Day in Hartville, Ohio

May 17: A Day in Hartville, Ohio

I slept good in the camper at Lavern Raber’s place. Dave went for a bike ride and I stayed back at the camper trying to get caught with up registering all my receipts. If I allow two days to pass by, I forget and get behind, and I tend to stress out when that happens.

Earl Sommers stopped by. He’s coffee buddy of mine from Sarasota. The real surprise was Bill Ries who bought the Martin couple that drove a John Deere A to Alaska. Bill is the new owner and we are hoping to do a photo opp west of Wooster in a small town called Jeromesville. He brought two sho-fly pies, coffee and pastry. Wow, there goes my waist line. I was wondering how he knew we like sho-fly pies, since it’s a PA thing. He said, I read your two books. Thanks Bill and I am  looking forward seeing you on Sunday.

Lavern Raber presented me with a new gas gauge since I lost my green one however as he is handing it to me I realize it has a red handle on it. We had a good laugh and I am sure we will have more fun with it.

In the pictures you will see me adjusting the clutch and running great now


I drove 3 miles over to the Hartville Hardware; the biggest in the US and the Hartville flea market is in the back. I didn’t even have the switch turned off on Johnabilt people surrounded me.

Marion Coblentz called me to move down in front of his building and took me out to show where to set up. I am all set up for 7 AM in the morning. I am told 1,000 plus people come through here. I have a number of friends coming by that live out here.

Rose Stoltzfus (Dave’s wife) arrived to pick him up and they will be in the area for couple days. Hoping to see them Sunday or Monday.

I got Smiley off her perch she coughed and finally started. Away we went up to the big Hartville Kitchen and I had a great meal. Back in the camper and preparing for tomorrow.

I’ll be going to bed early tonight.