May 18: 33 Miles Today

May 18: 33 Miles Today

I woke up at the Hartville Market & Flea Market lot. It was raining and rained till after 8:00 AM. I was concerned the day might be a flop but after it stopped raining, people arrived and we had a steady pace of folks coming by till close to 2:00 PM. So I decided to move on and head to Orville, OH, to Caskey’s Campground. I wanted to put a few miles on so I wouldn’t have as many tomorrow. I am headed to Jeromesville, OH, and meeting Bill Ris who I was planning on meeting in Wooster. Fom Jeromesville I only have 4 miles to Haysville, OH, for our event starting at 4:00 PM.

Today I had a lot of coffee buddies that come to FL in the winter and lot of veterans came by and we got to chat. I thought it was a good day once the weather cleared off and got warm.

I had a short ride down to Orville all back roads, so I  took it easy and didn’t push Johnabilt. I was glad to arrive at the campsite. I felt a little wiped out standing all day and driving down here but it’s all good and very rewarding.

Marion Coblentz, the  owner of the Market informed me they linked
our website to theirs, so their followers can go directly to our website. They
have 45,000 followers, so I’m hoping the folks jump on and see what our mission is all about.

Caskey’s camp site is low so he put me on higher ground Johnabilt still sank down as I backed in. Thank you, to Caskeys Campground they showed me my spot and said no charge.

I just talked with National News and they are meeting me in Jeromesville, OH, to interview and follow me to Haysville. It’s been a long day, so I am calling it a night!