Mentoring Leadership


To maintain a volunteer-based mentorship for all veterans and their families post-separation or retirement, ensuring the mental, physical, and financial readiness of our Nation’s Warfighters and their families, while providing clear and concise objectives and purpose for volunteers serving the veteran community through the program. Mentors will work with Warfighters to ensure they have all the resources needed to succeed in their career field.

How Mentoring helps?
  • Transitioning Service Members often come from a lifestyle where they live 24/7 military, where a certain tone and work environment matches little to no places in the civilian work force. The civilian world is not like that, and unfortunately this creates a very difficult transition for the Warfighter to find a civilian job.
  • Mentors are there to assist Veterans by answering questions, help create resumes for the industry they mentor in, and assist in molding the Veteran’s dreams into a reality.
  • Mentors who volunteer time after work show our Nation’s Warfighters that WE DO CARE and we are willing to assist those who have served us. This Mentor responsibility increases the amount of lives able to be changed and increases the amount of resources and help Operation Second Chance can give to those who have served our Nation.