Mentoring Leadership

Mission and Vision

Operation Second Chance’s mission is to provide aid and volunteer-based mentorship for all veterans and their families during their transitioning period or post-separation from the military. 

Through our volunteers and staff, we serve local veterans and their families across the Maryland, Virginia and D.C. areas by providing access to education, job and professional development resources.

The mentor program aims to ensure: 

  • Mental, physical and financial confidence and readiness to transition back into civilian life. 
  • Ability to create clear and concise objectives or goals–and reach them. 
  • Academic and or professional readiness.

Why Mentoring Helps

  • Mentor relationships benefit both mentors and mentees by recognizing their strengths and abilities while overcoming weaknesses at the same time. 
  • Building long-term relationships through mentorships expand your network.
  • Working with a mentor and mentee builds your communication skills 
  • Accomplishing mutual goals gives both mentors and mentees a sense of purpose and gratification.

Apply Now

If you know of a potential mentor or someone who can benefit from having one, please fill out a referral form: