New Shoes for Johnabilt

Today was an exciting day. I woke up early and headed up to Earl R Martin, Inc.’s truck shop where Johnabilt was under roof  getting his physical. The team also had an air conditioning unit installed. I think they were worried about me and Teddy falling asleep if it got too hot in the cab. I feel the love!

Johnabilt sat in there with all the big trucks and he felt right at home. I do believe that some of those trucks were a little envious of ole Johnabilt.   Rooster sat there so proud, and Teddy was smiling from ear to ear.

Today was Johnabilts day to get new shoes (tires). As I jumped in him, I drove to a gas station and filled up with gas and went in with my favor coffee cup. Now we are ready to put on some tunes. I sat there for a few minutes sipping my coffee thinking about our upcoming trip. Wow! A great feeling came over me. I tooted my air horn at the truckers and drove Johnabilt 8 miles to Hurst’s Tire Shop. It felt so good driving again. I felt like the Mission has  begun.

Now Johnabilt has all new rubber or shoes and is smiling. I drove him back to the trucking Complex and parked him. Only one more item to install; a new chock cable and I’m told it is on its way.