Pierce, NE  June 21 & 22

Pierce, NE June 21 & 22

June 21st Today was a maintenance and cleanup day and a then rest. We have our event tomorrow so I washed the rig cleaned the inside of the camper. I had some pump problems so I took out the drawers and had to take some of the cabinets out to get to it and found out that the screws were out between the motor and pump. So I jumped on Smiley and headed to the hardware store and got it working again, I feel better now, as I was getting concerned about where I would find an RV store across NE. I needed some protein, so I went to a local restaurant (the only one in town) and got a good meal. They set me up at the city park and it’s been very peaceful. June 22nd John Schoenauer who set up today’s event picked me up and took me out for breakfast. Before long it was time to pack up and head to the event. We ended up having a lot of rain showers, but it was still a good event. There is a TV station out of Norfolk stopped to take videos and do an interview. I was told their coverage is central to eastern NE. We also had an 88 year old Veteran stop by with his daughter. His visit made my day! We hit it off and he loved to chat. He was pleased he could the sign the book of Veterans I have been collecting. What an honor to meet him. Even though we didn’t have the traffic we hoped for because of the weather, I feel we got good coverage and that is important for our mission. The reporter did a great job on the interview. I love that she said, this is the best assignment that she ever had! She loved the interview and it felt more like I was interviewing her. Lol Tomorrow I start my trek across Nebraska. I will be heading towards O’Neil, NE, I am excited there will be some nice scenery.