Resting at Perry RV Park

Resting at Perry RV Park

Jason picked me up at 7 am and we headed out for Bear Tooth Pass. Wow, it so beautiful with lots of switch backs and close to 11,000 ft above sea level. We went early before the tourist woke, which was really nice, but coming back down after 9 am, you could see strings of cars and campers starting their trek up the mountain.

It was really neat seeing mountain goats, and just the beauty and peacefulness of being there, in God’s beautiful creation!

After we got back down, Jason took out me out for breakfast in Red Lodge. The rest of the day I spent getting my blogs caught up and resting. I love meeting people but by the end of the day I am exhausted.

While working in my camper I hear this one camper explain to his friend about our mission and all about Johnabilt and how we only go 14 mph going all over the US. I peeped out, and saw that I never met the guy, but he was having a good time explaining our mission. I thought it was cute he must been on our web and was well informed!

Later on, I came up to town for a bite to eat.  Smiley is parked right next to all the Harley bikes. Smiley just loves to think that she is a biker now. They even wave at her going down the highway. It reminds me of another story in my previous book about going into a diner and having my helmet sitting on the bar. A lady biker came up to me and wanted to know which motorcycle was mine. When I told her it was Smiley, she said humf, and walked away. I still laugh about that to this day!