Sept 20th Coffeeville, to Range, AL

I started out at daybreak, but it wasn’t long before the logging trucks started rolling into two big paper mills. It’s a two lane road and no shoulder with lots of hills. So many that I had to shift down in 5th and trying to do that before a truck comes since I need to stop to change gears. Safe to say that I was on the edge of my seat at times. There were up to 5 logging trucks following each other behind me, and I must say they were all very nice and waved a thumbs up when they were able to pass me.

I traveled 20 miles and there was a gas station. I needed to take a break, I looked in the mirror and my hair was standing up. Not sure if I got up that way or from all the traffic.

I decided to top the tank off while I was there. A Police Officer walked over and wanted to know what I was all about, and well he thought it was the coolest thing and soon two more Officer’s came. All in all, before I left there, 6 Officers stopped by. I’m feeling the love again.

I was telling them it’s a little stressful with all the truck traffic, and that it makes me sweat. They were talking while I was getting them to sign the book one by one.

One officer came over said we just called the sheriff and we are going to escort you. The county line is about 20 miles from here on route 84, wow I thought that will be nice at least for the next 20 miles I actually have 40 total to go until I turn south on route 41, and its hills and truck traffic the whole way.

With the Sheriff following me, sometimes we had 8 trucks and a line of cars, before I could pull off. We got to the county line which was at the bottom of a hill. I pulled off he thanked me for our mission and wanted to take more pictures. He said, “By the way, I have the next County Sheriff coming to escort you the next 20 miles!”

Thank You SO MUCH Alabama Police Officers! I could relax a little more. My neck was getting sore constantly checking my rear mirror. I was tired but when I got to my campsite I still had 8 miles to go on 84 and the Sheriff said he would take me to 41 south.

So I headed to Range, AL, another 10 miles and pulled in the campsite. I am exhausted and they said sorry we are full. My heart sank I explained there isn’t another for 23 miles and I only travel 15 mph and I am a little exhausted. He said “Let me check something.” He came back and said, “Site 23 isn’t here tonight pull along side and you can plug in at that site.”

Wow I was thrilled. Campsite maybe a little relaxed but I didn’t care, so happy to be here. I took a shower as I am standing in the shower enjoying the hot water running down over my sweaty tired body I looked up and see the biggest roach I ever saw watching me. I kept my eye on him and he kept his eye on me, not sure what he was thinking as he watching me. Don’t know if he was impressed or not. You could put a saddle on him and ride him he was that big. I slowly stepped out and kept my eye on him.

I have a short day tomorrow only 20 miles and then Sunday morning I will be putting into FL . Yaaaaaayyy! I am getting closer to home!