Sept 6th & 7th Eddy to Bryan, TX = 77 Miles

Sept 6th & 7th Eddy to Bryan, TX = 77 Miles

I left at day light trying to beat some of the heat. Had a beautiful sunrise as I putted east on route 6. Once I got to route 7 in Marlin, TX, I headed towards Bryan.

It was a four lane road with wide shoulders which made it nice however, I picked up a lot of hardware on my magnets riding on the shoulder.

I stopped for lunch at a Love’s Truck Stop and took a break . The heat coming off the pavement had to be 140 degrees or more.

I found my camp site in Bryan and got settled. I was in the camper and I got a knock on the door. It was Channel 6 out of Temple, TX. They said they drove an hour and a half to track me down and were wondering if they could do an interview. Of course I said yes.

In the meantime, a childhood friend, Sam Smoker called and said he is on his way and wants to take me out for dinner. He drove for over an hour to track me down. The interview was over when Sam got there and we had a nice time talking about our families and our growing up years. We sure had some good laughs. Thank you Sam for tracking me down.

I did no blogging last night, as I was beat from the heat and travels.

Sept 7          Bryan to Huntsville, TX

It was foggy this morning when I left and I didn’t have to turn the AC on. It didn’t take long before that changed. By noon it was very hot!

Today as I left Bryan, Johnabilt’s wheels are turned east and he is like a old horse that knows where home is. He is ready to head home. I had a hard time holding him back. I have to remind him we still have work to do and will get there one mile at a time.

A big shout out and Thank You to Pin Oak RV Park. I pulled in and they said we have a spot for you and no charge we have family in the military and appreciate what you are doing.

I was glad to get to my camp ground as I was getting into town I had so much traffic 6 lanes, that is always stressful.

On the way into town, I stopped at a Shell gas station and in no time, I had number of Veteran’s come by and want to know about the mission and thank me for what we are doing.

I got Smiley off its perch and rode up town and got a warm meal.

I will be heading to bed shortly, I am so ready. Tomorrow is a new day. All is well…