Have a VA rating of at least 70%, or in pending Med Board with a statement from a command liaison verifying member will be DOD qualified as a wounded warrior with a 70% or higher rating.  Or the service member has died during time of service.

Yes, OPERATION SECOND CHANCE has been designated a 501(c)(3) organization. Our Federal Identification Number is 20-2624345. View our confirmation letter below: 501(c)(3) Letter

No. Only unmarried dependent children who are high school seniors of Qualifying Military Sponsors are eligible for OSC scholarship awards.

No. Page 2 Secondary Dependents and other extended family of a Qualifying Service Members are not eligible for consideration.

No, OSC scholarships applicants are must be in/and are limited to their senior year in high school.

Scholarships are only awarded to U.S. Department of Education accredited schools. Please go to their website to confirm your intended educational institution is listed: https://ope.ed.gov/dapip/#/home

No application, or portion thereof, will be accepted beyond the April 15st deadline.

No. OSC scholarships are intended for qualified applicants pursuing postsecondary education, not to exceed a first award of a 4-year degree, or trade.

OSC scholarship is $3,500, and up to 10 may be awarded.

No. OSC does not require a minimum score on any exams or during school. We do factor academic performance into our evaluation matrix, but understand that for the demographic we are targeting with this scholarship there are life experiences that can drastically affect traditionally evaluated performances.

No, but it is taken into consideration in our evaluation matrix.

Unmarried dependent children must be in high school

Yes. Applicants are required to be U.S. citizens.

OSC arranges payment directly to the educational institution’s finance department. Payments are never made directly to the award recipient. If the scholarship award amount exceeds outstanding educational expenses (tuition, fees, room and board, etc.), the value of the award will be reduced commensurately.

Yes! Organizations and individuals are encouraged to visit our Donation page by clicking the “Donate” button at the top of the screen. No matter the amount of the donation, please be sure to have “OSC Scholarship Fund” selected in the “Program your donation supports:” field under the “Survey Questions” section of the page.

Donations under $2,500 will be added to the general scholarship fund that are awarded in increments of at least $2,500 until all funds are exhausted.

Donations of $2,500 or more are eligible to be named in memory of an individual or for the company/organization making the donation if the donation is made on or before April 1st for the Fall 2022 awards. Please select “Make this donation in honor of an individual” in the top section of the donation page and that will generate a “Tribute Information” section. This section will let us know how you want your scholarship to appear when it is awarded.

If at any time you have any questions, or would rather talk to us directly to make the donation, please feel free to call (301) 972-1080.

All questions not covered in the FAQ can be emailed to the Scholarship Program Director at scholarships@operationsecondchance.org