As mentioned on our Retreats Page, the hospital environment can be very stressful. Sometimes all that is needed to improve motivation and morale in recovering service members is to give them a night out on the town. Whether we take them out to a ballgame with a couple of friends, or rent a movie theater for our warriors and their guests to catch the latest film, we do it all in our day trips and nights out.

As soon as warriors in military care facilities are physically able to take trips away from the hospital, we get these heroes out to help them regain their sense of independence. Operation Second Chance has two ADA approved handicap vans to ensure that we are always able to give injured individuals with an approved pass a break from the hospital despite their injuries. These actions lift morale, improve mood, and facilitate mental and physical recovery following difficult events. This is where OSC’s founding principle to treat wounded warriors like family shines brightly.

Thanks to Comcast Sports Group and generous private donors we are able to routinely take warriors to sporting events with first class treatment. Our heroes often have the best seats in private suites at events in the Verizon Center and elsewhere. These venues allow a group of seriously injured veterans to ease back into public events while still maintaining enough privacy to not draw unwanted attention to their recently acquired injuries. This is one more tool OSC uses to help our seriously wounded rejoin society without thrusting them into the spotlight before they are ready. At all times we maintain the integrity and privacy of the individuals who have given so much for America, while also ensuring they have a first class experience. Ultimately, the objective is to improve the recovery for these fine Americans.

No matter what the reason—if you are a wounded warrior that needs to get away from the hospital campus, we can help. If you are a veteran or family member of a veteran recovering in the Washington, DC area that could benefit from our services please contact us.


Giving heroes a break is always fun for both OSC and the troops, and when the warriors are ready, we offer them the opportunity to go to special events with the public. Hosting these special events is one way we involve OSC supporters in our warrior care operations. These events give the public an opportunity to talk with and encourage these heroes so that they can enjoy the company of others who appreciate their sacrifice. Most importantly, the events also provide another venue for recovery, growth, and reintegration of these wounded warriors.

OSC hosts all sorts of special events, some are independently organized while others are organized by our partners. Special events are a great way to have fun in a family friendly environment while simultaneously spreading awareness of OSC’s missions and needs to maximally support wounded warriors. We participate in fishing outings, golf tournaments, car shows, BBQ’s and much more. If you or your company may be interested in hosting a special event to benefit the troops please contact Emily.