Operation Second Chance – Scholarship Program

Applications for the Fall 2019 academic period will open on February 5th and close on April 15th.

Scholarship awardees will be notified in late May. Financial disbursements will be made in August.

The OSC Scholarship Program seeks to further the organization’s mission of support for wounded, injured, and ill service members/veterans and their families through need-based dependent financial assistance grants to aid in the pursuit of higher education. During each academic period, OSC will award grants of $2,500 or more to a select number of dependent children (unmarried, 23 years and younger) and spouses of Qualifying Military Sponsors.

Applications accepted beginning February 5th
Application window closes April 15th.
Applicants notified of award decisions in late May.
Financial disbursements made in August.

Unmarried dependent children, 23 years and younger, as well as spouses of Qualifying Military Sponsors whom are seeking their 1st award of an undergraduate 4-year degree, associate’s degree, or a certification from a vocational or technical institution that is DOE accredited. Qualifying Military Sponsors are defined as meeting criteria from one selection in each of the following sections:

  • Have a VA rating of at least 70%
  • In or pending Med Board with a statement from a command liaison verifying member will be DOD qualified as a wounded warrior with a 70% or higher rating
  • Died during time of service


Donations up to $2,500 are added to the general scholarship fund that is disbursed in increments of at least $2,500.

Donations $2,500 or greater are eligible to be named! Award recipients can receive a scholarship with your loved one’s name, if the donation is made in honor or memory of them, or with your company/organization’s name featured.

Information on how to donate is on the Scholarship FAQ page or you can call us at (301) 972-1080 to discuss.


Our inaugural year award recipients are:

Addison Cacaro
Marketing – University of Cincinnati

Micah Delamarter
Liberal Arts – Independence Community College

Starla Delamarter
Kinesiology – Vanguard University of Southern California

Leah Fischback
Nursing – UNC Wilmington

Randy Lambert
Environmental Sustainability – Oregon State University

Christian Rivera
Social Work – Appalachian State University

Submit applications via email at or by fax at 888-672-4838.

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