The greatest individuals I know are not Politicians, movie stars or even the wealthiest people in the world. The greatest individuals I know are the men and women that put their lives on the line each and every day and serve our country.


In September 2004, Cindy McGrew began a mission of hope. When her friend, Montgomery County, MD Police Officer went to Iraq as an International Police Advisor in June of 2004, Cindy was prompted to do a web search of the unit that he was attached to. After finding the Stryker News website, Cindy began reading the site daily for updates to ongoing situations and heard about three soldiers that were injured and en route to Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRNMMC) in Washington, D.C. Immediately, Cindy sent emails to the families, letting them know she lived fairly close to WRNMMC, offering her support and assistance as a contact in the area in the event they needed anything. She went to WRNMMC and introduced herself to the three families and from there, developed lifelong bonds and friendships. Little did Cindy know that by going to visit service members from the Stryker Brigade that 19 years later, she is still serving our nation’s heroes.
Cindy began visiting families at the request of the other soldiers and Marines she had met. Soon, word spread, and she seemed to be branching out to even more families, wanting to help in any way possible.

In November 2004, Debbie and Alaina Sacramo joined Cindy in her daily visits to the hospital. All three were able to visit with the soldiers, Marines and their family members, picking up groceries, clothing and any other essential items that were needed to make their stay more comfortable. They met families with small children and saw the need for them to have play pens in their rooms, so the parents could put their children down and tend to their wounded spouses. This also allowed for the children to nap in comfort. At the request of some soldiers, they stopped by local restaurants, bringing them meals and eventually taking them to concerts and sporting events. Friendships began to develop with the Soldiers, Marines and their family members, and making the trip to WRNMMC became part of Cindy’s daily routine. Hence the founding of Operation Second Chance.


Seek, create awareness, and assist our nation’s heroes indefinitely so not one combat wounded injured, and ill Veteran in need of assistance and healing is left behind that is eligible within the sustainable scope of services offered by OSC.

Core Values

OSC’s core value is committed to promote and benchmark caring, positive values, hope, successful and sustainability in transitions of our combat wounded, injured and Ill Veterans and their families from the military to a healthy and sustainable civilian environment.