Operation Second Chance offers an unparalleled range of services guided by the founding principle that we treat wounded warriors and their loved ones as if they were our own family. We believe in providing assistance to our troops and their families on the ground where the greatest need exists and where OSC’s support will have the greatest impact. Our ability to quickly assist with these needs is why the staff from our military hospitals reach out to us for help daily. We assist countless families. Our assistance includes everything from airline tickets to daily family support such as a baby stroller or diapers and formula. Whatever the need, we do what we can to help wounded warriors and their families as if they were our own.

We may be able to help you and your loved ones obtain air travel to or from military health care facilities. If you do not meet the criteria for eligibility of military travel benefits but have a compelling need to be with your loved one, we may be able to assist. Other situations where we might be able to assist with travel include special circumstances, one-way flights, and urgent or short notice flights. We can also assist with your daily needs while you are at the hospital. If you need something that is unavailable at the hospital or need assistance off base/post, we might be able to help. For any of these special requests please contact us.


Did you know that as an E-1 with less than two years of service the base pay is less than $18,000 per year? Even if you are lucky enough to get promoted to E-5 in your first enlistment your base pay is still less than $28,000 per year. We realize that if you have a family you may make slightly more with BAH and dependent pay, but it is not an easy living. In many cases your spouse or significant other must work just to pay the bills and live paycheck to paycheck. Then, what happens when your loved one is injured while serving our country? Do you leave your job and ignore your bills to be with your loved one while they recover, or do you leave your loved one to recover on their own to continue to work to pay the bills?

Operation Second Chance helps make that difficult decision a lot easier by covering monthly bills during those critical first months when life is so chaotic. Whether it’s your mortgage, rent, utilities, or childcare, we want to do our part to help. It has been our goal from the very beginning of OSC to assist our warriors throughout the recovery process. However, with the current economy, the number of financial aid requests that we receive is higher than ever. If you are in need of financial assistance and are post 9/11 combat wounded veteran currently receiving care at a military healthcare facility with an expected rating of at least 70%, we may be able to help.

Operation Second Chance has set the following requirements for providing assistance:

  • Veteran must have a Military or VA Rating of not less than 70%, or active duty with a Purple Heart. Priority will be given to those whose injuries are Combat Related.
  • Must have not less than 6 months of active duty status.
  • Total family income must not exceed $4,000 monthly. (Exceptions will be made for families larger then 6)
  • Must have an honorable discharge listed on DD214.
  • Completed Applications will need to be submitted through a caseworker or VA Representative.


  • Rent/Mortgage (must be accompanied by a copy of mortgage statement with account number and billing address. If rental assistance is being requested, a copy of the rental agreement that has the name/address of the rental/lease company, monthly rent amount
  • Utility bills (electric, gas, water, sewer)
  • Childcare during illness or surgery
  • Temporary lodging and/or airfare for a family member to assist an injured or recovering member


Cell phone bills, medical bills, credit card, legal fees, personal loans, personal debt, college tuition, cable, storage units, child support, moving expenses, furniture or appliances, vehicle repairs.